The Complete List of Tips for Maximising Your Storage Unit

At Electrodry Storage, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice backed by extensive research from various reputable sources. Here, we present a curated collection of storage tips sourced from across the web, aimed at helping you maximise your storage space efficiently.


1. Strategise Before Packing

Before diving into packing, take time to plan and strategise how you’ll organise your storage unit. Develop a detailed floor plan or layout, allocating specific areas for different categories of items. This thoughtful approach streamlines the packing process and facilitates easy retrieval later on.


2. Create A Unit Map

Craft a comprehensive map or inventory list of items stored within your unit. Keeping a copy within the unit ensures quick reference when accessing stored items, making retrieval a breeze.



3. Maintain A Photo Catalogue

Capture visual records of items stored in each container with a photo catalogue. This allows for swift identification of container contents without the need to rummage through them.


4. Organise Efficiently

Organise your storage unit strategically to ensure easy access and retrieval of items. Clear pathways between rows of boxes and furniture, group similar items together, and store frequently accessed items in easily reachable locations.


5. Opt for Boxes Instead of Bags

Opt for sturdy boxes over bags to prevent tearing and moisture accumulation. Utilising uniform-sized boxes and bins facilitates stacking and maintains a neat and organised appearance.


6. Utilise Storage Accessories

Maximise space utilisation by making effective use of storage accessories such as hooks, racks, and hanging organisers. These accessories keep smaller items orderly and easily accessible.


7. Maximise Vertical Space

Make efficient use of vertical space by stacking boxes and containers from floor to ceiling. Place heavier items at the bottom for stability and consider installing shelving units for additional storage.


8. Make the Most of Freestanding Shelving

Optimise vertical space and free up floor space by investing in freestanding shelving units. Ensure shelves are securely anchored, and items are placed with care to maintain organisation.


9. Strategically Position Heavy Items

Prevent damage by strategically placing heavier items at the bottom of stacks or boxes and distributing weight evenly among containers.


10. Protect Fragile Items

Take extra precautions when storing fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper. This additional layer of protection minimises the risk of damage during transportation and storage.


11. Implement Space-saving Packing Techniques

Explore space-saving packing techniques such as the Bundle Approach and rolling clothing to maximise storage space and prevent wrinkles and creases.


12. Preserve Clothes with Vacuum Storage Bags

Protect clothing and fabric items from pests, mildew, and wrinkles by utilising vacuum-sealed bags. These bags optimise space by removing excess air while safeguarding your clothes. Bunnings has an assortment of vacuum storage bags that will suit your needs.


13. Cover the Unit Floor

Shield your stored belongings by covering the unit floor with a thick plastic sheet to guard against temperature fluctuations and moisture. Additionally, consider obtaining insurance coverage to protect against unforeseen events such as fire, flood, or theft.


14. Maintaining a Clear Aisle for Easy Access

Ensure easy access to stored items by leaving a clear aisle within your storage unit. Plan your layout to accommodate comfortable removal and sifting through boxes without disturbing other items.


15. Maximise Space with the Russian Doll Method

Leverage larger objects such as suitcases, dressers, and furniture to store smaller items within them. This method maximises space utilisation and minimises clutter.


16. Disassemble Furniture

Optimise space by disassembling furniture such as tables and bed frames before storage. Store disassembled pieces alongside other items or utilise furniture drawers and cabinets for additional storage.


17. Insure Your Belongings

Safeguard your stored belongings by obtaining insurance coverage against potential risks such as fire, flood, or theft. Insurance provides added peace of mind and financial protection in unforeseen circumstances. Electrodry Storage offers storage-specific insurance policies with AON at a minimal monthly premium.


18. Prioritise Safety

Ensure safety when storing items by assessing the stability of shelves, stacks, and furniture. Secure items properly to prevent accidents and injuries during storage and retrieval.


Incorporating these researched tips into your storage organisation approach enables you to maximise space, maintain organisation, and safeguard your belongings. Explore Electrodry Storage’s wide array of storage sizes and types to find the perfect one for you.